Trader Woody Who he????

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Trader Woody....who he?

Born in the North of England, Trader Woody was taken to the United States as a nine year old. He returned to his country of birth at age 16, taking with him a love
of noisy guitar rock and appreciation of the often surreal sense of taste held by many Americans. It was during these years that regular visits to a Polynesian banqueting house somewhere on Route 128 somehow sowed the seeds of a love
for Tiki. The seed grew via the odd record found in a charity shop, a tv programme
about the death of Tiki culture (Oh how we laugh now), the odd fanzine, and the like. It then blossomed with Tiki News and the internet, making him realise that he wasn't the only one out there that had a curiosity about Tiki Culture.

He now spends his time in Darkest Oxfordshire, always keeping one eye open for evidence of Tiki in the UK, past or present. This extends to the occasional forign visit, where he stomps the terra in search of Tiki with his long-suffering wife, Jo

A drunken British twat at the Bamboo Hut, San Francisco

Trader Woody is currently working on the 'Tiki Mapping Project'. A Geographer by trade, he is currently mapping the places of Tiki interest on a pin-board map. Once he gets his GIS & Web-mastering skills in order, he hopes to get this resource online!

Fellow Tiki-philes get in touch!!