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Classic Tiki Mugs   The usual Tiki Links:

Welcome to the Tiki links page. You've probably have seen the vast majority before, but one or two may be new! I have categorized my link sections to help you find what you are looking for more easily. If you have information that you think I should have then contact me by e-mail at my address below.

Tiki Resources

Tiki Gardens! How I wish it still does online!!

Tiki News Tiki News is the oldest running Tiki Zine out there, and still the best!I look forward to the day that the back issues are collected in a book!!

Book of Tiki The Tiki online! 5 out of 5 on !

Tiki Hut UK! Coming soon

THE Tiki club on Yahoo!! Gathering point for Tiki worshipers the world over!

BUY Tiki stuff!!!!

Tiki Bosko Some of the finest carvings and mugs available....classics!!

The wild and wonderful world of SHAG The king of the retro-hipster Tiki paint scene. Check out his homepage for a peek at some of the paintings that made Shag Tiki culture's darling

Mark Pawson's European Low-brow culture shop This is the place for us Europeans to get Tiki News, The Book of Tiki, Shag T-shirts and a whole lot more besides. Check ot the Kustom Kulture stuff.... Swiss Merchants of all kinds of exotic stuff...their tiki-link has yet to work, however!

Munktiki Wild and wonderful new Tiki mugs from California

Tiki Bar Review pages- Awesome site plus you can buy mugs & statues too! Pinched from my Paris report, but we'll let them off! Find a Tiki Bar near you!!


Lot's more to come.....
Coming soon....links to places on the Web that will help to Tikify your desktop!