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Watercolour by Stefane Cazenave Welcome to Europe's FINEST (well, only) guide to Tiki in the United Kingdom & Europe

This site was created to help bring together Tiki-philes from around the globe,and concentrate on uncovering Tiki in the most unlikely of places.
We need your help and contributions to make it work. Found a Tiki bar somewhere unusual? Seen a display of Pacific art? Send in the details!!

New! There is a Kona Kai left and it's in Athens!! Check out my report from the cradle of Democracy! Over the next few months, I'm concentrating on getting together much more information on Tiki in Europe.

It's my intention that this website should act as a way of making the Tiki scene in Europe somewhat easier to navigate, so any help would be massively appreciated. Any Tiki Bars in your country? How about shops selling Tiki stuff? What about all the artists out there? Tiki never hit Europe the same way that it did in the States, but let's uncover how it did!
Once again, apologies for those hugely annoying pop-up ads. I don't make money from them! Try which gets rid of pop-ups.

The paper 'zine version of the site will be called "Eye of the Tiki" and contributions are more than welcome!!!

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South London Pacific is now open! Look for the link for a full report!